Sunday, August 08, 2004

Excuse me for trying to exercise

So, I went to the stadium this morning, at 7:30 am like I always do on Sunday. The stadium wasn't open (it has a gate that the university locks overnight). I waited until 8:10 am, technically they don't have to open it up until 8 am but it is always open early, and the stadium still wasn't open. I was highly annoyed, I get into a mindset where I am going to do a certain kind of exercise and it is really hard to switch gears in my brain. So, I drove home, admittedly only 10 minutes away, muttering curses at the stadium gods under my breath. Then, I ran for 60 minutes and walked for 50 minutes on the treadmill which I followed up with my core fitness exercises. Now, showered and dressed in clean clothing I am still annoyed than I didn't get in my stadium workout. I am one sick puppy. I am annoyed that I didn't get to climb up and down stairs for two hours in the heat, possibly I should look into having my head examined. I may go tomorrow morning and do the stadium so that I have gone three times in this last workout week but I will see how I feel, especially since I am having a slight sore throat this morning. So, to recap, I am annoyed about not hiking up and down stairs in the heat with a sore throat at a ridiculously early hour on a Sunday morning. I really am losing my mind to the lure of the exercise fairy, maybe I can have her talk to the stadium gods and make sure it is open tomorrow morning.

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