Friday, August 27, 2004

No, I'm not dead

I was just without the internet since about Tuesday morning until now. Anyway, I have been good while I was not able to post and keeping up on my exercise and food. That plateau I thought I was entering has finally been broken (although not until the last day or so) and I am now down to 167.4 lbs as of this morning when I weighed myself. Today, I actually got up at 6:20 am to start working out because I need to wait around in the house for the phone repairman to show up and check on the internet problem. Clearly, the universe has a sense of humor since the day the repairman is supposed to show up is the day the internet works again on its own. Anyway, today I ran for 50 minutes, lifted weights and did abs. I have to walk later because I needed to be in the house waiting for the repairman by 8 am and I wasn't able to haul myself out of bed at 5 am to start working out (although I did wake up at 5 am and seriously consider that as an option, still seriously considering something as an option and actually getting out of bed are two entirely different things). I sort of sped up some parts of my weight workout to get finished and showered by 8 am with the result of feeling rather ill when I was finished working out. My brother claims that this is a good thing, which may definatively prove that some kind of exercise related insanity exists in my family. Anyway, I had a pretty good workout even if I do not manage to pick up an hour of walking later on tonight and tomorrow it is back to the stadium so I am still on track with my exercise and food for the week.

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