Saturday, August 07, 2004

I would so date me

That is probably a truly horribly constructed phrase and my mother the teacher will be terribly embarrassed when she reads it. Then again maybe not, she hasn't been horribly embarrassed by my inability to spell on this blog. Anyway, that was completely off topic, but there we are (can you tell I am making up for the days I didn't blog? yeah I thought so) and now I will attempt to get back to my point. My point was going to be that I bought a really cute outfit from the gap this last week and my thought upon putting it on was the aforementioned phrase "I would so date me" which was interesting. Now generally, I am not stuck up or really focused on my appearance, and frankly there wasn't much point at my highest weight. Well, other than shoes, I really care what my shoes look like and always have but I doubt that shocks anyone. However, I care a lot more now about what my clothes look like and the image that I am projecting, now of course as I am writing this I am wearing a pair of jeans that are pretty much falling off my butt and a huge shirt covered in cat hair which I have kept because my bro gave it to me, I mean he gave me the shirt, not the cat hair. So, possibly I am once again full of it, but I think not. I am having ridiculous amounts of fun playing with clothes now because I can shop in regular stores and wear clothing that reflects my personal style. The outfit that caused me to want to date myself involved a cute shruken jeans jacket that nipped in at the waist and a size 12 brown skirt. The amazing thing to me, the jacket nipping in at the waist, defined my shape, I mean I have an actual shape which has never happened before. It was definately a very interesting moment, marred only my deep desire to tell the sales lady that no really I was buying the clothes for me and I was an actual size 12 (frankly I don't think she would have cared as long as I gave her money). I still don't like what I look like naked (yes that was probably way too much information) but sometimes in clothing I catch myself in the mirror and notice that I am cute now. Eventually I may even work my way up to being hot, who knows.


Anonymous said...

Kat: I've been reading your journal for several months and have wanted to post a response to several of your posts, but just haven't. Sorry! Anyway, I wanted to tell you it's so wonderful that you are reaching your goal. I've been where you are at this point and all I can tell you (and I know you already know this) the outcome is well worth the struggles you endure on a daily basis! Just going in to a "normal" store to buy clothes is a great feeling! As for the girl who saw you on the stadium stairs yesterday - she so wants to be like you! If you ever see her again - STOP and give her some encouragement!! It will make the both of you feel so good! Anyway, you go girl! Never stop reaching for the stars! You will do this!

Cali said...

Kat, you are really inspirational. I love that you bust your ass literally.............I mean that is rad. Way to go with all that you have accomplished, both in mind and body. Keep it up, and you will someday be hot....and so will I :) Mystie